A - Z of Building Web Applications with SAS®

*R - stands for Responsiveness. *

A responsive app will render nicely across different devices and screen sizes. The use of a fluid grid system (such as Bootstrap or Clarity) will make this task significantly easier. Chrome DevTools "Device Mode" lets you easily test your results.

Responsiveness can also be considered in terms of Response Times - the speed with which results are returned from SAS®. Other than writing efficient SAS® code (and data models), there may be improvements to be made here in terms of minimising precode, optimising the load balancing, and the streaming / data packaging approach used.

From a user perspective, the speed of rendering is also a factor. Framework features such as the "Virtual DOM" in React and "Lazy Loading" in Angular have been built to improve the user experience in this regard.

Are you looking to a deploy one or more HTML5 apps onto your SAS® Web Server, using SAS 9 or Viya for the application layer? For training, consulting, development expertise and support, or to know more about available free tools, apps, and user guides to accelerate your success - do get in touch.


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