Our first "Sasensei International Dojo" (SID) event was held on Friday 3rd April 2020, Central European (CET) time (GMT+1), and we were happy to host Bartosz Jabłoński - world #1 on Sasensei, founder of PolSUG, and an active contributor to the SAS-L mailing list.

Bart told us about the "SAS Packages Framework".

The SAS Package repository is available here: https://github.com/yabwon/SAS_PACKAGES


When you are working on Base SAS®️ code, especially when it becomes complex, there is a point in time when you decide to break it into small pieces. You create separate files for macros, formats and informats, and for functions or data, too. You have the code ready and tested, and now it is time to deploy. The thing is you made it on local Microsoft Windows machine, and the deployment is on a remote Linux server. Folders and files have to be moved in the proper structure, code has to be run in the right order and not mixed up. Moreover, it is not you who is deploying... small challenge, isn't it? How nice it would be to have it all wrapped up in a single file - a portable package - which could be copied and deployed with a single command like %loadPackage(MyPackage)? In my presentation (and paper) I would like to share an idea of how to create such a "SAS package" in a fast and convenient way. I present: 1) a concept of how to build a package; 2) the tools required to do so; and 3) a live-demo of how the process works on real examples (generating packages, loading, and using them). The intended audience for the presentation is intermediate SAS users with good knowledge of Base SAS and practice in macro programming who want to learn how to share their code with others.