Our 8th SID event will feature Aashna Sharma telling us more about SAS AML Suite and it's Excess of Expectation scenarios. Session will occur at 3pm BST on 10th September.


15.00 - Session opens 15.05 - Session begins 15.20 - Questions 15.30 - Session ends


Excess of Expectation scenarios are customer profile based scenarios which are used in one form or another at almost all clients with AML solutions, as they provide deeper insights on customer behaviour over a period of time. In this presentation, we will cover the following aspects of the Excess of Expectation scenarios of the SAS AML Suite:

  1. What scenario functionality is available?
  2. Applications within banking
  3. Pre-requisites for running the scenarios
  4. Computation of Account Analysis for scenario purposes
  5. Logic with examples

The session will be recorded and available on Sasensei youtube channel after the event.

Join using the calender link below: https://www.linkedin.com/events/6704360724824670209/