This is a nice simple way to get an overview of the SAS products that you have installed and licensed on your SAS estate. Simply run the following command in SAS:

proc setinit;

The SAS Proc Setinit output produced in the log will display a high level overview of:

For example: Original site validation data Current version: 9.04.01M6P110718 Site name: 'SMALL SAS AWS MACHINE FOR SASENSEI'. Site number: 98765432. Expiration: 31DEC2043. Grace Period: 0 days (ending 31DEC2043). Warning Period: 31 days (ending 31JAN2044). System birthday: 14NOV2018. Operating System: LIN X64 . Product expiration dates: ---Base SAS Software 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---SAS/STAT 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---SAS/ETS 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---SAS/IML 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---SAS/IML Studio 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---SAS Workspace Server for Enterprise Access 31DEC2043 (CPU A) ---High Performance Suite 31DEC2043 (CPU A)

More information on the SAS setinit available in this paper.